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Building the Curriculum of the Future: Can you help? An Appeal to Education Leaders Worldwide

Noting the general malaise in education reported in the Western world I’m keen to explore solutions. In the past, the standard response to widespread teacher dissatisfaction has been a pay … Continue reading

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The Leader You Most Admired and Should Aspire to Emulate

I imagine we will all recognise the qualities of great leaders in this infographic. I find many of these qualities apply not to the brash and narcissistic examples of leadership … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Power of Teamwork

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Thought For The Day: Humanity

This is what happens when inhumanity is undertaken on an industrial scale for an ideological end. As a child in the sixties, I had the firm belief that if I … Continue reading

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Shifting Directions in Learning and Schools

When he was the Chief Education Officer of Birmingham Local Authority, Tim Brighouse often used to say that he would willingly give up control of pupils once they reached secondary … Continue reading

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Swimming Against the Tide to Establish Emotional Resilience

Capitalism has at its heart the idea of markets and consumers, of enterprise designed to deliver profit. However, there is a fatal flaw in the capitalist model in that you … Continue reading

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Improving Student and Teacher Performance

I was taken by this simple graphic posted by my friend Stephen Norris and realised, that for all its simplicity it revealed a quite profound truth. Personal performance does vary … Continue reading

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Why Behaviour Management is Not Where We Should Be Going

Fiona Holiday writes insightfully about the blind alley that is behaviour management and control in schools. She focuses on learned behaviour and the ability of adults to develop young people … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Citizenship Defined

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Look Beyond the Behaviour to the Cause…

Using my friend Kevin Hewitson’s metaphor of ‘If you can’t reach them, you can’t teach them, I would suggest all teachers think again about what lies beyond challenging behaviour. Thank … Continue reading

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The School Mission Statement…

The school mission statement…. a bold outline of the key drivers of the school culture… or is it? Much depends on who contributed and how it is written. If it … Continue reading

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In Search of Future Learning…

This is where UK school education currently resides… in a stale curriculum based on increasingly redundant knowledge. Taught in cohorts of 30+ to a strict regimen of bells in a … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Leadership

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The Problem with the Education System

This short cartoon originally came appended to an article on examinations. I thought it was profound enough to merit a place of its own as a statement about the root … Continue reading

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Behaviour Management: Looking Below the Surface and Acting the Adult

If classroom management is seen in essentially adversarial terms, then learning will be the first casualty. The desire of the teacher to impose their will on a class of thirty … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Setting the Tone for Learning

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The Legacy of Sir Ken Robinson: the Challenge and Opportunities of a New Curriculum and Assessment Model

The sad death of Sir Ken Robinson brings the end to the good-natured and robust thinking about how the future of education might be built. Sir Ken not only defined … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Sir Ken Robinson’s Challenge

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Sir Ken Robinson – a man who refused to see human potential wasted and had faith in the creativity of us all

I’ve been shocked to hear of the death of the staunchest advocate of creativity and human potential that is Sir Ken Robinson. I tend to be iconoclastic – show me … Continue reading

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Beyond Coronavirus: Templates for sustainable improvement in learning for schools

As the summer term comes to an end in British schools, thoughts turn to the new academic year in September. The disruption brought by the Coronavirus has been fundamental and … Continue reading

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Characteristics of Sound Leadership from Ross Morrison McGill

Ross Morrison McGill can usually be relied upon to hit the hammer on the head when it comes to teaching and this diagram from 2016 just about covers the key … Continue reading

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Learning and Schools post Covid-19 Paper for Global Citizenship Foundation

I recently had an invitation to contribute to a webinar organised by the Global Citizenship Foundation on the subject of the shape of education post-Covid-19. Here is the paper generated: … Continue reading

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