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Enrol your school to be part of a world-class STEM experiment design project in association with NASA and have your experiment flown to the International Space Station

As well as authoring books on future learning, one of my great joys has been to work with ISSET to inspire young people to world on world-class collaborations with NASA. … Continue reading

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ISSET Brings you ‘Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe’ with astronaut and test pilot Greg Johnson

This Thursday 7th May at 7pm BST/2 pm EDT, join astronaut and test pilot Greg Johnson. His last Space Shuttle mission involved the deployment of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer which … Continue reading

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It is rocket science and it is brain surgery… the latest ISSET webinar with astronaut Dafydd Rhys Williams: 30th April 19.00 BST

LIVE Webinar: Space Talking with An Astronaut  Astronaut & Brain Surgeon Dafydd Rhys (Dave) Williams My Brain in Space This Thursday 30th April at 7pm BST, astronaut, neurological and cardiac … Continue reading

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Hubble Telescope Launch Anniversary – Top 100 Images | ESA/Hubble

It’s 30 years ago since the Hubble telescope was launched – and to celebrate its birthday, the veteran observatory has produced another astonishing image of the cosmos. NASA is celebrating … Continue reading

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The Education System: Crusher of Childhood Genius!

What many of us have suspected about the standardised, managerial industrial model of education has been confirmed by a longitudinal NASA study on creativity in children. Effectively the demand for … Continue reading

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NASA makes their entire media library publicly accessible and copyright free

NASA have made their entire collection of images, sounds, and video available and publicly searchable online. It’s more than 140,000 photos and other resources available to view and download. Almost every … Continue reading

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The Long-Term Impact for Humans in Space

I’ve had the pleasure, through ISSET of working with Mark and Scott Kelly. Scott’s year in space enabled direct comparisons to be made between him and his brother Mark in … Continue reading

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The Return of the One Year Astronauts

NASA Television will provide complete coverage Tuesday, March 1, as three crew members depart the International Space Station, including NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko of the Russian … Continue reading

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NASA Shares Over 10,000 Images from Apollo Missions on Flickr

In October 2015, NASA uploaded dozens of galleries to Flickr, containing over 10,000 photos from the manned Apollo missions. Access the full library here: Project Apollo Archive Support the project … Continue reading

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NASA wants people to apply to be astronauts | BBC Newsbeat

NASA has announced it wants people to apply to be astronauts. But don’t get too excited… you have to be a US citizen, so that rules out most of the worldwide … Continue reading

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A virtual tour of the International Space Station

Courtesy of our friends at NASA, a virtual tour of the International Space Station… Click through to view: ISS Virtual Tour 0.8

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Space Images for Educators – the Hubble Telescope

Following on from my earlier post about NASA resources for educators, I thought this site which deals specifically with images generated from the Hubble Telescope would be of interest… Find … Continue reading

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Space in the News, and in Our Thoughts

After a week when space is in the news and there are a number of astronomical events I thought this picture might be of interest. Hearing Buzz Aldrin talk reminded me … Continue reading

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NASA TV – a Great Resource for Educators

Following up on the STEM agenda, here is a link to NASA TV, which broadcasts all NASA developments, including the International Space Station… NASA Television | NASA

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NASA Mission to Jupiter’s Moon Europa

Good to see some NASA energy devoted to exploring Europa. Could prove to be a very interesting place… NASA’s Europa Mission to Hunt Down Life’s Niches : Discovery News.

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Michelle Ham: Former NASA Astronaut Trainer and Space Educator

Michelle has a long career spent in applied science from her time as a NASA Astronaut trainer to a wider STEM ambassador and educator. I had the pleasure of working … Continue reading

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NASA Biographies – Astronaut Profiles

For those looking to explore the human side of the Space Programme, or even those keen to understand how to become an astronaut, the NASA biographies are very informative. Every … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Space as an Educational Theme – the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Having grown up in the sixties, space exploration was at its zenith and television meant that through NASA and UK-based programmes like Tomorrow’s World and the Sky at Night, we … Continue reading

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NASA Science Technology, Engineering and Maths Resources

NASA takes very seriously its mission to educate and the quality of its resources are a veritable goldmine for educators and autonomous students. Here is a good example of some … Continue reading

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NASA Learning Resources for Educators

I may be biased because of my previous experiences with them but I would thoroughly recommend the NASA website for Educators as the source of some tremendous ideas, links and … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Education is Power

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Beautiful NASA Posters Advertise Out Of This World Vacations

You can download poster size, hi-res versions of these beautiful posters from NASA’s PlanetQuest website: JPL PlanetQuest – Exoplanet Travel Bureau via Beautiful NASA posters advertise out of this world … Continue reading

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NASA Image Library

By their nature, few images can compete with images gleaned by NASA of our planet, our solar system and beyond. Their Facebook page is a good place to start exploring, … Continue reading

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The Eagle Has Landed – NASA Launches Free Sound Library | BBC News

Historical audio from NASA missions has been uploaded to a free sound library. More than 60 samples have been added to the agency’s new dedicated Soundcloud account, but listeners are … Continue reading

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