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Project-Based Learning – Dispelling Some Myths

We have long argued the importance of Project-Based Learning (PBL) as a vehicle for increasing student advocacy and engagement towards raising standards. Indeed, countries like Singapore and Finland, who perform … Continue reading

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Which Countries Have the Smartest Education Systems, and in Which Direction Are They Headed?

Although the article by the World Economic Forum linked at the end of this piece is entitled ‘Which countries have the smartest kids?’ it shows nothing of the kind. The … Continue reading

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Why is the UK not making sufficient progress in the PISA tables? Andreas Schleicher of OECD Shares His Thoughts

This TES interview with Andreas Schleicher of the OECD, who compile the PISA comparative education effectiveness tables is very revealing, and, after all, he is in a position to understand … Continue reading

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Estonia: How to do education effectively!

With the latest PISA figures published by the OECD now available, it might be worth considering one of the brightest stars in the educational firmament… Estonia. Estonia has come from … Continue reading

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How to Drive Personalized Learning in Higher Education | Online Digital Marketing Courses

​While personalization has seen exciting changes in education, higher education is still struggling to adopt it. Nearly half of undergraduate students in the US fail to earn a degree within … Continue reading

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How Finland’s Amazing Education System Works | Big Think

Finland’s education system works because its entire structure has been around several core principles. First and foremost, equal access to education is a constitutional right. Another important principle is that … Continue reading

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10 Global Megatrends Facing Education | BBC News

The OECD’s head of education forecasts the biggest questions being asked of schools around the world. Unfortunately I’d say these challenges were pretty accurately outlined here. We should have overcome … Continue reading

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Teacher Dissatisfaction / Student Disillusionment: Causes and Cures

In the UK, and I sense in the US and Australia, there is growing dissatisfaction among teachers regarding what governments and leaders are asking them to focus upon. Much of … Continue reading

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Child Mental Health: A Crisis in the Making

I’m currently researching a book on preparing students for examinations. In discussions with my publisher, the review committee had suggested that I place more emphasis on student mental health and … Continue reading

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I’m researching a book on examination preparation … can you help?

I’m currently researching a book I’ve been commissioned to write regarding the preparation of students for examinations. I’m reluctant to use the term ‘revision’ as it is the dichotomy between … Continue reading

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The End of Examinations As We Know Them?

The last few weeks have heralded a lot of national announcements about the traditional examination system. OFSTED has decried the examination factory culture of some English schools and is looking … Continue reading

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England and US will not take Pisa tests in tolerance | BBC News

Schools in England and the United States will not be taking the new international Pisa test designed to assess respect for other cultures, challenge extremism and help identify fake news. … Continue reading

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What the Best Education Systems Are Doing Right

Finnish and Asian educational systems are often quoted as leading the OECD Educational Performance tables and models to aspire to emulate. Such talk is too simplistic as any understanding of … Continue reading

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Selective schooling has negative impact on UK children, say world education experts | The Independent

Selective school systems such as grammar streams lower children’s expectations and impact negatively on the wider education system, world experts have said. As the Government pushes forward plans to create … Continue reading

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Why do Finnish pupils succeed with less homework? | BBC News

Less homework and fewer lessons. Should we follow the Finns? How do Finnish youngsters spend less time in school, get less homework and still come out with some of the … Continue reading

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Social division stays in online learning | BBC News

There are strong social divisions in how young people use digital technology, according to international research from the OECD. The economics think tank found that in many countries wealthy and … Continue reading

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Pisa tests to include ‘global skills’ and cultural awareness | BBC News

Pisa tests, an international standard for comparing education systems around the world, could include a new measurement of global skills in the next round of tests in 2018. The OECD, … Continue reading

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OECD passes judgement on Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence | BBC News

Experts from international forum the OECD say Scottish schools remain above international averages – but the gap is narrowing. Read more on the BBC website here: OECD passes judgement on … Continue reading

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Computers ‘do not improve’ pupil results, says OECD | BBC News

Investing heavily in school computers and classroom technology does not improve pupils’ performance, according to a global study from the OECD. The think tank says frequent use of computers in … Continue reading

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Finland’s Education System: 10 Surprising Facts | TakePart

Finland has consistently scored among the highest nations in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), a standardized test given every three years by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and … Continue reading

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Introducing East Asian Teaching Methods into Western Schools: is it a Good Idea?

Originally posted on IOE LONDON BLOG:
John Jerrim. About six months ago I released a paper discussing the reason for East Asian success in the OECD PISA survey of 15 year olds’ skills…

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Bad marks for Sweden’s muddled teacher training in OECD report on school system

Originally posted on IOE LONDON BLOG:
Susanne Wiborg This post originally appeared in The Conversation Sweden has experienced a dramatic decline in the international ranking of its schools. Swedish 15-year-olds’…

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Asia Tops Biggest Global School Rankings | BBC News

The biggest ever global school rankings have been published, with Asian countries in the top five places and African countries at the bottom. Singapore heads the table, followed by Hong … Continue reading

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The History and Development of Experiential Learning

A major issue with current education in schools is that it is mostly theoretically based and does not impact on the lives of young people, often leaving them disillusioned and … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Swedish Education

In the past, when talking about national educational achievement, it was commonplace to speak of the educational standards of Scandinavian countries as if they were, to all intents and purposes the … Continue reading

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Latin America’s Wake-Up Call on Global School Tests | BBC News

No longer can policymakers ignore the reality that even Latin America’s best performing countries, much less its average ones, are far behind the developed world, and far behind where they … Continue reading

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Seven Big Myths about Top-Performing School Systems | BBC News

The man in charge of the Pisa tests, Andreas Schleicher, says the evidence from around the world reveals some big myths about what makes for a successful education system. Read … Continue reading

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Clever Girls Lack Confidence in Science and Maths | BBC News

Girls still lack confidence in pursuing high-paid careers in science and technology, even when their school results are as good or better than boys, says an international study. The OECD … Continue reading

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Teachers ‘give higher marks to girls’ | BBC News

An OECD report on gender in education, across more than 60 countries, found that girls receive higher marks compared with boys of the same ability. Researchers suggest girls are better … Continue reading

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