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Play-Based Activities That Build Preschool Students’ Reading Readiness | Edutopia

Preschool teachers can use these activities to promote six early reading skills even as the kids enjoy themselves. Read the article here: Play-Based Activities That Build Preschool Students’ Reading Readiness … Continue reading

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The Value of Play Before Formal Education Starts

One of the great joys of being involved in the future of learning is that you come across a large number of well-informed and passionate people who are in possession … Continue reading

August 17, 2020 · 1 Comment

New Studies Link the Arts to Crucial Cognitive Skills | Edutopia

I’ve often promoted STEM-based activities through the blog and I believe they have a vital role to play in encouraging more active and experimental thinking and experiential learning in schools. … Continue reading

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iPads ‘help improve young pupils’ skills’ | BBC News

Young children’s maths, English and communication skills improve if they use iPads in school on a regular basis. That is one of the key findings of the most in-depth research … Continue reading

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Playground politics for new parents and how to handle them | BBC News

A guide to playground politics for new parents and tips on how to handle them. Click through to the BBC website to read the article: Playground politics for new parents … Continue reading

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Learning Design: Montessori and Other Approaches

  This is a think piece which simply shows three classrooms which reflect innovative educational philosophies from Montessori, Steiner and Reggio preschools. Can you formulate some understanding of the educational … Continue reading

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Why should children play outside? | CBeebies 

Outdoor play gets kids fitter and healthier as well as making them think! Did you know that as well as learning about nature, children who play outside develop better language … Continue reading

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Preschools turn children on to learning, says study | BBC News

Preschools help boost the academic careers of children who have fewer educational experiences at home, a study suggests. The effect lasts into secondary school with preschoolers from all backgrounds twice … Continue reading

December 15, 2015 · 1 Comment

Tablet computers ‘widely used by under-fives’ | BBC News

In families which own tablet computers, almost a third of children aged under five have their own device, according to a study by the universities of Sheffield and Edinburgh. Children … Continue reading

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Apps for Pre-School Learners

The responsiveness of a touchscreen has made the iPad a remarkable tool for learning. Since our little learners are often the beneficiaries of these tools, here are some teacher-tested apps … Continue reading

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New York tackles the pre-school gap | BBC News

President Barack Obama hailed the importance in his state of the union address last week, welcoming that 30 states were raising funds for more pre-school places. “Research shows that one … Continue reading

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Telegraph: Toddlers becoming so addicted to iPads they require therapy

Not that technology of itself provides all the answers… It’s use has to be purposeful if it is to promote effective learning as this article outlines the downside of the … Continue reading

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