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Finland – Showing the Way With a Subject-Less Curriculum

The idea that a curriculum can be constructed around subject knowledge has always been suspect… who decides which content and does the content reflect contemporary needs or historic antecedents? As … Continue reading

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A Danish Lesson For the UK: How to Sort Out the Apprenticeship Mess!

In the last ten years the apprenticeship system in the UK, always brittle, has been thrown into turmoil. For the most part the blame lies with the Tory government for … Continue reading

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Edutopia and the George Lucas Education Foundation

One of our favourite go-to sites to catch up with innovative thinking is the George Lucas Foundation’s Edutopia. As someone who could conceive the Star Wars universe, it was no … Continue reading

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Reading to and with your children

I once asked on LinkedIn which three pieces of advice teachers would give to parents to apply at home to help their child to learn effectively. When I had sifted … Continue reading

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Firms offered £2,000 incentive to take on apprentices | BBC News

Employers in England are being offered an extra £2,000 to take on teenagers, care leavers and those with special education needs as apprentices. Under the plans, small businesses will be … Continue reading

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Pisa tests to include ‘global skills’ and cultural awareness | BBC News

Pisa tests, an international standard for comparing education systems around the world, could include a new measurement of global skills in the next round of tests in 2018. The OECD, … Continue reading

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A Compendium of Skills Needed by 21st Century Learners

This is a neat summary by Bradley Kemp of the skills base which a 21st century learner will need to deploy. The question is: Are schools preparing students to develop … Continue reading

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Apprenticeships ‘failing young people’, says commission | BBC News

The government’s apprenticeships drive is failing to deliver for young people in England – with enrolments flatlining among under-25s, a commission says. The Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission says … Continue reading

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Commonwealth Skills Forum

My colleague, Roy Newey, was this week appointed by Lord Marland as the Chairman of the Commonwealth Skills Forum. The remit of the forum is to stimulate debate, broker commercial relationships, … Continue reading

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Top employability skills shines light on learning experience

The World Economic Forum have cited these skills in this order as those critical to employability… there has been considerable shift over relatively few years. This is why we need … Continue reading

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Apprenticeships expansion ‘devaluing brand’ | BBC News

The push to create apprenticeships fast has devalued their brand, with low level skills such as coffee-making being accredited, Ofsted has said. Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw says some learners … Continue reading

October 24, 2015 · 1 Comment

Six Fluency Areas for 21st Century Students | ISTE

This document from ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) features the six major fluencies (standards) students need to develop in the 21st century classroom. It mirrors research and development work elsewhere … Continue reading

May 13, 2015 · 1 Comment

The 21st Century Worker and the Skills Required of Them

If we recognise that the world of work, and the skills required to function within it has changed radically in the past twenty years, what skills and competences will those … Continue reading

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Skills-Based Learning for the 21st Century

An interesting infographic outlining the skills required of the 21st Century learner. Knowledge is no longer enough – the ability to interpret and assemble knowledge to present information and work … Continue reading

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