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Wealth Inequality and Social Injustice: A Message for Christmas

Until such wealth inequalities are addressed this county will not make the progress it desires. We cannot use the blunt mechanism of wealth to determine opportunity. We cannot afford to waste … Continue reading

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The Life Project: educational implications of a long term study of the British population

The Guardian has published some insights into the impact of a major long term study of cohorts of British people which was begun at the end of the Second World … Continue reading

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Birmingham Commission for Children

I’ve recently been appointed as a Commissioner for the Children’s Society investigating the future shape of learning for the young people of Birmingham. Birmingham is an unusual city as it … Continue reading

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Music Lessons Combat Poverty’s Effect on the Brain | Scientific American

Scientists have observed that reading ability scales with socio-economic status. Yet music might help close the gap, according to Nina Kraus and her colleagues at Northwestern University. Read more: Music … Continue reading

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OECD ‘debunks myth’ that poor will fail at school | BBC News

The poorest 10% of pupils in Shanghai are as good as the most privileged 20% of teenagers taking the test in the UK and the United States. Read More: BBC … Continue reading

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Bright poor ‘held back for decades’ | BBC News

Among the youngest of this survey, leaving school in the mid-1980s, fewer than one in five went to university. Among the oldest group, who would have left school in the … Continue reading

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