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Standardized Testing: The Monster That Ate American Education | Big Think

As the Assistant Secretary of Education in the first Bush administration, Educational historian Diane Ravitch became known for her push to establish national standards for K-12 education. From 1997-2004, she … Continue reading

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The Limitations of Standardised Tests

This is why our examination systems are so flawed. They only present a one dimensional view of the student with only memory recall and the ability to sit examinations tested. … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Fallacy of Testing

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Thought For The Day: Standardised Testing

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A timely reminder of the paradigm we need to overcome in order for our students to succeed…

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England and US will not take Pisa tests in tolerance | BBC News

Schools in England and the United States will not be taking the new international Pisa test designed to assess respect for other cultures, challenge extremism and help identify fake news. … Continue reading

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The Madness of Standardisation in Learning

In contrast to a recent post regarding project based learning, here is an article from the Guardian exploring what teachers and students are enduring in the standardised testing regime currently in … Continue reading

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A Riposte to the Traditional Written Exam

This is a forthright and provocative attack on standard written examinations from the CEO of Yacapaca, Ian Grove-Stephensen. It certainly resonates with my experience… It is long past time to … Continue reading

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Primary tests: Two-fifths fail to meet standard | BBC News

Two-fifths (39%) of primary school pupils in England have failed to meet the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics, figures show. The results are from national curriculum tests, often … Continue reading

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Selective schooling has negative impact on UK children, say world education experts | The Independent

Selective school systems such as grammar streams lower children’s expectations and impact negatively on the wider education system, world experts have said. As the Government pushes forward plans to create … Continue reading

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Teachers back moves towards primary Sats boycott | BBC News

Teachers have backed plans for a possible boycott of primary school tests in England next year. The National Union of Teachers says the tests for seven and 11-year-olds are damaging … Continue reading

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Pisa tests – From American Dream to Asian ambition? | BBC News

While the ‘American dream’ of social mobility seems nothing more than a dream for many American students, it is emerging as a new reality in much of east Asia. The … Continue reading

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London school’s towering performance in Pisa tests | BBC News

A school in north London could be among the best in the world after scoring better in international rankings than even top performers like Singapore. The international Pisa education rankings, … Continue reading

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Schools and the Suppression of Creativity

  It has been argued before that the fundamental structures of school, in echoing the practices of early industry are designed with efficiency rather than effectiveness in mind. Not surprisingly, … Continue reading

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Another Government U-turn as return to ‘halcyon’ days proves an illusion!

As a former History teacher, I’ve done the calculations  and I think the Tory government is looking to recreate the year 1955 in its backward looking education policy. The fetish … Continue reading

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What Doesn’t Work – Literacy Practices We Should Abandon | Edutopia

Literacy strategies that waste instructional time include looking up words on lists, prizes for reading, weekly spelling tests, unsupported independent reading, and denial of recess. The number one concern that … Continue reading

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Almost half of primary pupils miss new Sats standard | BBC News

Almost half of pupils in England have failed to meet a new tough standard in reading, writing and mathematics. Official data shows just over half (53%) of 11-year-olds made the … Continue reading

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Morgan warns Sats results not comparable to previous years | BBC News

The results of Sats tests taken in primary schools in England, due to be published on Tuesday, should not be compared with previous years, says Education Secretary Nicky Morgan. The … Continue reading

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Testing! Testing! A Learner Perspective…

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Thought For The Day: Testing and Improvement

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Ministers didn’t listen over baseline tests, unions say | BBC News

The government has been accused of failing to listen to teachers after it was forced to shelve its controversial tests for reception pupils in England. Ministers announced the tests would … Continue reading

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Education as a commodity rather than a public good

One of the most regressive elements in education presently is the idea that learning is just another commodity. Once this is accepted it can be reduced by a managerial outlook … Continue reading

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Standardised Testing: The Bane of Learning

Standardised testing represents the full vent of industrial production processes to the learning experience. To test is to measure so qualitative elements are sacrificed to something that is measurable, whether … Continue reading

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