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FREE Live Interactive Astronaut Show with Space Shuttle Pilot Tony Antonelli Tuesday 14th April. 7pm BST/9am and 2pm EDT

FREE live Interactive astronaut episodes are beamed out: Every Tuesday at 2pm and 7pm BST/9am and 2pm EDT in our “Space to Learn” series. Inspirational, fun and an Out of … Continue reading

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The Arts in Our Futures |

Despite the utilitarian march of governments towards an emphasis on STEM subjects as being the antidote to current Labour Market shortages, the Arts are a critical element in the creativity … Continue reading

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A Periodic Table of the Elements in Pictures

A great infographic showing not only the chemical elements but also some of their uses…   View an interactive version here, and download pdf and hi-res version for print:

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The Periodic Table of STEAM Apps | ThingLink

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STEAM: an Engine of Learning

Charles R Drew Charter School is a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) school, and project-based learning is their instructional delivery method. By integrating PBL and STEAM, they empower … Continue reading

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STEM or STEAM? The Implications of a Science-Dominated Curriculum

The importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is a continuing theme in this blog. In the UK, an area where we have traditionally outpunched our weight has been … Continue reading

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Space Summer School with ISSET

A world class opportunity for school students to join the ISSET Space Summer School in London: More details here: Mission Discovery Download their brochure here: Mission Discovery 2016.pdf  

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Balancing Learning: Turning STEM into STEAM

When looking to the skills required of the future, there is an understandable emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These subjects promote many of the key skills the future … Continue reading

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STEM – Does It Have Pitfalls?

In previous posts I’ve spoken about how a concentration on the STEM subjects, Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics can skew the curriculum offered to young people. Specifically, if more time … Continue reading

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STEAM not STEM, Or the Decisive Role of the Arts in Learning

Having done quite a bit to promote the STEM agenda (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) recently, I changed tack last week to support the role of the Arts in the … Continue reading

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