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University students: Tips and tricks to help you cope in a pandemic | BBC News

From embracing awkward Zoom chats to persevering with annoying flatmates, experts give some advice on the BBC website: University students: Tips and tricks to help you cope in a pandemic … Continue reading

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Student Life: Challenge and Experience

It is many moons ago that this picture was taken at the start of my first term at University. Happy days as I embarked on a new path that took … Continue reading

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The Ideal Primer for the New University Student: Resolution by Ambrose Conway

What is life at University really like? A question on the lips of all those looking to embark on the new adventure of leaving home and starting their university career. … Continue reading

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Moving the Focus from Teaching to Learning…

Having taken part in a webinar this past weekend about education post-Covid19, I was pleased to see one of the themes of the conference, pupil agency and autonomy reflected in … Continue reading

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Some Alarming Developments in England’s Initial Teacher Training

Just as a curriculum is only as good as the vision of its creators, so the quality of teaching is largely determined by the quality and vision of the training … Continue reading

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What to buy the hard pressed educationalist in your life for Christmas… new insights in learning and teaching!

Wherever you live, the role of teacher and educationalist is never easy and seemingly getting harder. Give the gift of fresh insights to your teacher or educationalist this year, so … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: One That Stands Regular Repetition

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Climate strikes spread worldwide as students call for action | BBC News

Thousands of school pupils worldwide abandoned classrooms for a day of protest against climate change. India, South Korea, Australia and the US are among the countries where teenagers are already … Continue reading

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Five Dimensions of Engaged Teaching

I began my teaching career, as so many do, thinking that mastery of subject knowledge was the foundation of my teaching! This infographic, from Michael McKnight, would have formed a … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Teacher Inspiration

For those days when you question why you are still teaching. It tends not to be the students that get you down, but the administration.

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The Limitations of Screen-based Learning

An interesting philosophical article pleading for more experiential learning which engages all of the senses rather than the replacement of class-based learning with a screen-based experience. Thank you Graham Brown-Martin … Continue reading

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Helping Students With ADHD Concentrate

If you have had students with ADHD in your class, you will appreciate the difficulties in getting them to focus and apply themselves to a task in hand. For some … Continue reading

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Data Management and Purposes

The fact that we can accumulate data, does not give it some spurious meaning or validation. The management of data in schools should be about yielding insights into how to … Continue reading

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Reaching Students With Emotional Disturbances | Edutopia

Seasoned educator Dr Lori Desautels shares four ideas for supporting students who have suffered emotional trauma. The encouraging news is that young people have the innate capacity to bounce back from … Continue reading

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A Diagram of 21st Century Pedagogy | John Zermani | LinkedIn

Context matters, and the diagram from edorigami captures this, though not from the perspective of the student and content knowledge, but the teacher and various pedagogical components themselves, including Higher-Order … Continue reading

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A Victorian guide to Cambridge student life | BBC

Male undergraduates were encouraged to smoke but told they would regret using tea cosies in a Victorian guide to student life. The Fresher’s Don’t was published in 1893 for Cambridge … Continue reading

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Intros and Outros for the Classroom

Setting the tone and expectation for learning in the classroom will determine the success that students experience in the lesson. Such techniques establish routines and expectations for learning. Rebecca Alber outlines … Continue reading

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The importance of a positive teacher-student relationship: it can boost good behavior in teens for up to 4 years | ace-d

Originally posted on From experience to meaning…: We’ve known for a long time that a positive relationship between teachers and students is important for learning. In the work of John … Continue reading

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Understanding Student Behaviours

  This article from Dr Richard Curwin on Edutopia rings true to me. I remember  particularly disruptive child in an inner city secondary school who would drive me to distraction … Continue reading

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EU Referendum: Reassurance sought over EU students | BBC News

Universities have pledged to pressure ministers to ensure European staff and students can still work and study in the UK after the vote to leave the EU. Vice-chancellors from the … Continue reading

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21st Century Pedagogy: a Student Perspective

The modern learner has to sift through a lot of information. That means higher level thinking skills like analysis and evaluation are necessary just to reduce all the noise and … Continue reading

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Twenty-four hour social media ‘link to teenage anxiety’ | BBC News

Teenagers are getting more anxious and depressed because of the 24-hour demands of their social media accounts, researchers say. Those with higher levels of emotional investment in social media, and … Continue reading

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Education in Gaza – A Student View

One of the real treats of writing a blog is the opportunity it brings to meet and talk to new people with very different life experiences. Apparently the Learning Renaissance … Continue reading

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Projects and Purposeful Project-Based Learning

There is a common popular misconception that project-based learning lacks rigour and challenge. This is because there is misunderstanding of the methodology, assessment focus and engagement for learners engaged in … Continue reading

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Mathematics to Inspire, by TED

It has always surprised me how people would feel ashamed if they believed their literacy skills were below par, but almost revel in their ‘issues’ with Maths and an inability to do … Continue reading

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Why Our 19th Century Education System Belongs in the Museum | Digital Learning Now

An articulate argument for wholesale educational reform which addresses systemic failures, by ExcelinEd CEO Patricia Levesque. Grade levels must become less rigid. A middle school math whiz may well move … Continue reading

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What is Behind the Flipped Classroom?

There has been much talk of the concept of the ‘flipped classroom’ as a way forward in learning. What does this entail? At its simplest, the flipped classroom makes students … Continue reading

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Assessing the 21st Century Student

This rubric gives a flavour of how the 21st century student will need to be assessed if their education is to equip them for life and work in the future… … Continue reading

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How to Build a 21st Century Curriculum… And How To Assess It

If you were designing a curriculum from scratch that reflected the world that young people will need to thrive and survive within how would you go about it? Those that … Continue reading

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Attitudes and Behaviours Required of 21st Century Learners

Regular readers will be tuning in to the persistent message that learning in the 21st century will move from a preoccupation with knowledge and content to one in which the … Continue reading

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