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The Characteristics of Inspiring Teachers

Download this infographic entitled Characteristics of Inspiring Teachers, here. The infographic comes from the publication Inspiring teachers: perspectives and practices, and the full report can be viewed on ResearchGate, the … Continue reading

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How Teachers Can Balance Friendliness With Firmness | Edutopia

By setting clear expectations for behaviour early on, teachers can have fun with their students without losing control of their classrooms. In my two decades plus of teaching middle school … Continue reading

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For New Teachers, 6 Principles to Remember This School Year | Edutopia

It won’t be easy, but if you prepare for turbulence and set reasonable goals, you’ll stay calmer and make progress in all the right places. Filling papers with red ink … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Finding Motivation


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Classroom Management Tips for New Teachers, From a New Teacher | Edutopia

A first-year elementary teacher transformed her classroom with a focus on social and emotional learning… and a little help from Penny the Positivity Penguin. The entire vibe of the classroom … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Change Everything!

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The 7 Stages of Summer Break For Teachers | Bored Teachers | YouTube

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Thought For The Day: Solar-Powered

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3 Key Areas for Educators to Reflect on This Summer | Edutopia

As the year ends, high school teachers and administrators can assess their schools’ traditions, celebrations, and student leadership practices. As we considered which traditions to bring back from before the … Continue reading

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Authentic Connection, the Secret to Effective Learning

Thank you to Visible Child for this timely and succinct reminder of what our role as educators involves for all those in our care… the role of the educational leader … Continue reading

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A Happy Child is a Learning Child

Another timely reminder from Elevare London via Daniel Sobel… I wonder how many schools have a policy regarding pupil happiness and contentment?

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The Value of Dogs, and Animals Generally, in Promoting Mental Health

I smiled when I saw this image appear on site. Five and a half years ago we made what was the boldest and best investment ever… in our golden Labrador, … Continue reading

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As Christmas Draws Near…

The simplest things are often the most effective, and tired and frazzled teachers sometimes lose sight of this. Have a successful end to your term and a restful and happy … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Preparation is Everything

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Future Learning 1: Understanding and Ameliorating the Learning Crisis in UK Schools

From any perspective, the past academic years have been challenging for all schools, and teachers and support staff have shown great professionalism and resilience in dealing with a fractured world … Continue reading

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Developing Your Teams

Your staff are the most valuable asset in securing the best futures for your pupils. They need to be valued, consulted and developed by mentors. These things must happen not … Continue reading

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Teacher-Parent Communication Strategies to Start the Year Off Right | Edutopia

By prioritizing communication with families at the start of the school year, educators can foster strong parent engagement, break down barriers, and provide support for all students. Not all parents … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Importance of Family

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Rekindling a Sense of Connection for Students in the New School Year | Edutopia

Activities middle and high school English teachers can use to emphasize community and collaboration as the school year begins. I believe there is a desperate need to rekindle the magic … Continue reading

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How to Keep From Over-Extending Yourself This Year | Edutopia

Following an arduous year, how can teachers avoid overextending themselves when they return to in-person teaching this fall? According to experts, it’s important to set clear limits and prioritize certain … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: How You Make Them Feel

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The Student Engagement Core Model

The Student Engagement Core Model Adapted from “Where student, teacher, and content meet: Student engagement in the secondary school classroom,” by Corso, M. J., Bundick, M. J., Quaglia, R. J., … Continue reading

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Five Tips for New Teachers | Edutopia

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4 Common Classroom Management Mistakes New Teachers Make and How to Avoid Them | Edutopia

New elementary teachers, take heart: Classroom management is hard, but not impossible. Keep these ideas in mind as you get started. Find out more from Lori Friesen here: 4 Common … Continue reading

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How New Teachers Can Start the First Year With Confidence | Edutopia

A set of strategies ranging from the simple—like organizing your room each day—to more complex ideas like turning your teaching philosophy into actions. Stepping into the classroom of your first … Continue reading

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6 Tips for Setting Up Virtual Professional Learning Sessions for Teachers | Edutopia

Virtual gatherings for professional learning are convenient and likely to continue, but they should be designed differently than in-person gatherings. Virtual gatherings are likely here to stay. We will have … Continue reading

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Recognizing When It’s Time for a Change | Edutopia

From switching schools to pursuing new opportunities in the district, teachers can make changes to address their burnout, writes a teacher career coach. When I start meeting with teachers, they … Continue reading

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4 Ways to Take a Real Break This Summer | Edutopia

Some teachers turn downtime into a professional learning opportunity, but unplugging from work has a lot of value. Find out more here: 4 Ways to Take a Real Break This … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: A Timely Reminder

As this difficult academic year rolls to an end…

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Jimmy Carr on Teachers

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