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Why Teachers May Want to Try Writing as a Hobby | Edutopia

writingEngaging in writing—whether fiction or nonfiction—has immense benefits, including improved critical thinking and better memory.

Whether you’re interested in beginning or you’re reworking your life as a writer, you might want to consider the power of visualization to make lasting change.

A first step before taking action could be to see yourself living a writer’s life. Imagine when you would write and where. For instance, you may decide to write in the evening at your kitchen table. Close your eyes, and visualize writing. Think about what you’re doing immediately before you begin writing, and then imagine yourself pulling out your chair and sitting down to write. Think about what you might write, and then imagine writing.

If you’re fine-tuning your writing habits, think about what you want to improve upon, and then imagine it happening. Visualization is a technique that allows one to become familiar with an action before making it happen, which also makes the action more likely to occur.

Read the article by Kara Douma here: Why Teachers May Want to Try Writing as a Hobby | Edutopia

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