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Neurodiversity and Stimming


source: Special Learning Inc

I must admit that the term that the term ‘stimming’ was a new one to me, although once it was laid out in this graphic I recognised the typical behaviours associated with it from many of my classrooms.

That begged the question had I let countless children down by not recognising a symptom related to their neurodiversity, rather than thinking that they were not fully engaged in learning, or had overindulged in fizzy drinks over lunchtime.

The more teachers are aware of the activities used by neuro-diverse pupils and cease to associate them with behavioural problems, the more effective the learning of the whole class will be.

Thanks, as always, to Daniel Sobel for bringing this infographic to my attention, and to Special Learning Inc. for producing it.

Find out more about stemming and autism here, and find more support materials on their website: Downloadable Resources | Special Learning Inc

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